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I didn’t have a lot of friends so I spent most of my time alone in my room. I am now 30 years old and have been working at home for almost 7 years. I was a chemistry teacher here in my hometown where I grew up.

During the first year if Mike teaching career, it was very fun. I was still adjusting to the working environment, my colleagues were great because they had sense of humor, but the salary was very very depressing. There were things that I could not bring myself because my salary is budgeted to pay for might household expenses. I live alone but I use the AC for long hours so my electricity bill is kind of blown up. And I believe that making my home asking for the blessed County is essential because I spent most of my time in. Sometimes my nephews at my house but I would enjoy it better if they were not us loud and messy as they are. Because I spent most of my time alone, I always do a regular introspects and meditation. I have learned to listen to myself and deal with my own problems.

Aside from the other basic things there is one thing that has been helping me cope with my loneliness. I found out about reality kings. I’m not really the religious type so I have a very high threshold for explicit content.

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I wake up at 9 AM freshen up and take baths if necessary. I don’t even have to wear a good pair of clothes because I work at home. My morning routine usually takes me an hour before I finally had onto my workstation start working. I do the easy parts from 10 AM to 12. After that, I cooked myself breakfast and lunch to get me going. After eating I get on with the real work. I write from 1 PM to 6 PM. Beyond those hours I am left with myself. Two things happened after that: I write for my website or I visit reality kings.

When I am very stressed at work I usually prefer to do the latter.

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